Sewer Service

To disconnect or reconnect service, call Utility Billing at 425-806-6881 or email us.

The Sewer Section is responsible for operation and maintenance of 62 miles of gravity main, 5 lift stations, and more than 2,500 lineal feet of force main. Services include:

Find your service provider

There are multiple sewer districts operating in within the City of Bothell and in the immediate vicinity.  You will need to determine your sewer service provider prior to requesting service.  

Fats, oils & grease program

Pouring fats, oils, and cooking grease down the drain causes up to a third of all sewage overflow problems in Bothell.

What to Flush

If it’s not toilet paper, it doesn’t break down. Learn what to flush and what to trash. Trash flushed down toilet puts your pipes at risk at creates problems for the City’s sewer system and equipment.