Crosswalk Flashing Lights Program

About the Program

We've installed more than a dozen solar-powered flashing lights at locations in Bothell. 

Studies show that the irregular flash pattern of the lights increases the number of drivers who yield to pedestrians at crosswalks.
These lights are an effective, low-cost way to improve pedestrian safety. 


Most of these flashing lights are funded through the Safe Streets & Sidewalks levy, approved by voters in November 2016. Additional funding for some lights has come from:

  • State of Washington Transportation Improvement Board’s Complete Street grant program
  • State of Washington’s Safe Route to School grant program
  • Snohomish County Public Works Assistance Loan Program
  • University of Washington Bothell

Activated crosswalk flashing light

Bothell RRFB

How the Lights Work

Pedestrians activate the lights by pushing a button. The lights flash long enough for pedestrians to safely cross the street, then automatically turn off.