Report spills by calling 425-806-6750

How do I report a spill?Phone icon

Call Bothell's Spill Hotline at 425-806-6750The hotline is answered day and night.

If the spill is a direct hazard to human or environmental health, call 911.

Why report a spill?

Spills to our roads and storm drains are carried - untreated - through our stormwater system to local streams and other bodies of water. From there, they can cause serious problems for people, pets, and the environment.

Spill Hotline 425-806-6750 (PNG)

Examples of what to report

Pollutants from these activities end up washing down Bothell's storm drains and emptying into the nearest body of water. Please call the Spill Hotline if you see any of these:  

  • Vehicle fluids leaking onto the streetStorm Drain with Oil
  • Soapy water entering the street from washing cars, sidewalks, buildings, or awnings
  • Paint, motor oil, or other contaminant on the street
  • Restaurants dumping food or grease into storm drains
  • Mobile businesses dumping wastewater into storm drains (from things like carpet cleaning)
  • Blowing debris or yard waste into the street
  • Chlorinated swimming pool water drained into the street
  • Landscaping dirt piles in the street
  • Concrete washout from home improvement or construction projects
  • Mud tracked out into the street or muddy water entering the street, typically from a construction site
  • Construction sites without effective erosion control measures in place

Thank you for helping protect local streams!

Is it pollution?

Learn about iron bacteria, a common occurrence that you might think is pollution because of how it looks, but is actually a naturally occurring phenomenon that is not harmful to water.