Bothell City Hall Gallery Exhibition

The City of Bothell Arts Commission invites you to explore the visual arts in the lobby of City Hall during regular business hours.

Next up is Jeff Olson's boldly colored canvas works offering a unique vision of landscape and its physicality. 

Also featured:

  • 3-D woven basket design by Dorothy McGuinness; 
  • video featuring Allison Robert's A Gift, and 
  • Anthony Buchen/Jeralyn Goodwin's Capo di Muru and K'UN

Beguile by Jeff Olson

Beguile by Jeff Olson

Gallery Exhibition Schedule


Dennis Wunsch

Digital Illustrations

Feb. 5 - April 20

Jeff Olson

Acrylic on Canvas

May 1 - July 20

Megan Eckman

Watercolor and Ink

Aug. 1 - Oct. 19

Eric Demattos

Photography Printed on Canvas

Nov. 1 - Jan. 25