Drainage System Maintenance Service Contractors

City of Bothell makes no recommendations regarding private contractors.

This list of drainage system maintenance service contractors is for information purposes only and is not all-inclusive list of contractors who provide this kind of service. City of Bothell has no affiliation with the companies and does not guarantee or otherwise endorse any of the companies.

Information the contractor will need

When you request drainage system maintenance from a private contractor, please provide the contractor with a copy of the maintenance order you received from City of Bothell. The contractors know they can contact us if they require any clarification about the maintenance order. Please notify City of Bothell once the contractor has completed the maintenance work.

Deciding which drainage system maintenance contractor to hire

Before hiring a contractor, you should do your research, read customers' reviews, and get at least three bids. Drainage system maintenance is a competitive field and you can usually save money by shopping around. Most firms have substantial callout fees, and depending on the size of your system, you might pay the same amount to have your entire system cleaned rather than just one of two of its structures. 
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