Safe & Secure Bothell Levy and Bond

Thank you, Bothell! 

Voters approved both Propositions 1 and 2 in November 2018. We appreciate your support!  

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Progress Updates

The City has selected OAC Services as the Project Manager for the multi-year fire station replacement project. 

The City has made the following 11 levy hires:

  • 4 Firefighters
  • 6 Police Officers
  • 1 Police Civilian
  • 1 Application Analyst
  • 1 Probation Lead

The Levy Project Plan and Quarter 1 2019 Program Update was presented to City Council on July 2. Watch the presentation on the City's YouTube channel. 

13 hires down, 14 to go!
  1. Levy Lid Lift
  2. Capital Bond

Enhanced Public Safety Service

Funds staffing, operating and program needs, including 13 additional police officers, 5 police civilians, 6 firefighters, 1 probation officer and 2 support staff (1 technical and 1 maintenance)

Key Features

  • New Patrol Swing Shift during times of highest call volume, allowing for more officers on the street when accidents and crime are highest;
  • New Community Crime Reduction Team to focus on early and coordinated response to problematic and recurring trends such as burglaries, traffic issues, property theft and neighborhood nuisances;
  • Additional police officers to address traffic enforcement, school safety and community engagement;
  • A mental health professional to effectively connect people to resources; and
  • Six new firefighters and a new aid car to ensure full-time emergency medical services at Station 45 (Canyon Park) to respond to growing calls for services in North Bothell.


Approximately $220/year on $500,000 home (44 cents/$1,000 AV; expires in 12 years)

Medic and patient in aid car
Officer Buendia
Police with kids at school library