Green Cleaning

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Green Cleaning Pledge

Take the Green Cleaning Pledge and receive green cleaning coupons sent directly to you. The coupons include two free refills of green cleaning products and $2 off a bulk laundry detergent purchase at the Green Cleaning Station located at The Recology Store. You can purchase spray bottles at The Recology Store in Bothell or repurpose spray bottles you already have at home.

Additional Details

  • Green Cleaning Coupons are for City of Bothell residents only.
  • Coupons are only valid at The Recology Store in Bothell.
  • Coupons do not include tax.
  • One set of coupons is issued per household per year.
  • Limited supply available.
  • Coupons must be redeemed by Dec. 31, 2019

Green Cleaning Recipes

All purpose cleaner recipe card
Surface cleaner recipe card
Dusting spray recipe card
Homemade Air Freshner recipe card