Information Technology Accomplishments

2021-2022 Accomplishments


  • Upgraded and introduced new technologies for improved public safety functions:
    • Fire and Police mobile platform upgrades
    • Police records/CAD (computer-aided dispatch) system upgrade
    • Migration of Fire to New World CAD
    • New digital evidence system
    • Replacement of aging text-to-911 message transfer switch
  • Introduced new technologies focused on public engagement and transparency in government:
    • New cloud-based records management system
    • Recreation software system replacement.
  • Continued modernization of existing enterprise services and created efficiencies:
    1. New Human Resources and payroll systems
    2. Permitting software replacement feasibility study
    3. Implementation of electronic timecard system for non-public safety staff
    4. Facilitation of effective virtual meetings by outfitting city conference rooms with virtual meeting equipment
    5. Establishing mobile audio-visual carts available at multiple city locations.
  • Implemented solutions focused on technology stabilization, compliance, disaster planning, and security:
    • Implemented Lucity FOG (Fats Oils and Grease) module for environmental business compliance
    • Modernized City VPN (virtual private network) and firewall device
    • Implemented a hybrid (on-premise and cloud-based) backup solution
    • Addressed a two-year PC replacement backlog
    • Implemented technology to support a hybrid workforce in a post-COVID landscape to ensure data security for remote work and resiliency in the event of a future pandemic or emergency incident. 
  • Completed an Information Services organizational assessment to provide a roadmap for ensuring the department is well situated to complete and carry out a technology strategic plan.