Information Services Accomplishments

Looking forward to new projects in 2019

2017 - 2018

  • A Safe Streets Walk Route Project involved working with Public Works to run detailed GIS spatial analysis for prioritization of Safe School Walk Routes in the City.  This was an exciting project including the Public, City staff, and Northshore School District.
  • Upgraded the City's aging Financial System - building the groundwork for citizen transparency, online reporting, and online utility billing.
  • On target to complete over 11,800 helpdesk requests for the biennium which is a 25% increase over the previous biennium.
  • New Bothell Parcel Report - An all new detailed 'Bothell Parcel Report' is now found in Cobmap and for use by Citizens and Staff.  GIS Services held two different Cobmap educational and training demonstrations for city staff.
  • Upgraded the city's aging Police Records (RMS) and computerized Dispatch (CAD) System for improved performance and reliability.
  • Added an additional 23 workstations, 30 tablets and 7 training laptops for a 14% overall increase to the fleet.
  • Completed project to enable staff inspectors to use field tablets and custom GIS data to determine if curb ramps are ADA  curb compliant.  The project supports the Safe Streets Phase 2 initiative.
  • Completed annual Information Security Program, which included auditing, security testing, and comprehensive employee outreach program.
  • Replaced all printers and copiers for Police, Fire 44, Fire 45, Fire 42 and Bothell Operations Center with new Hewlett- Packard devices creating continuity of devices and support citywide improving overall function, reliability and support.
  • Two new web applications were created; one a Community Development Private Developments Web Map Application and secondly, addition of Safe Street projects to the current CIP mapping application.
  • Replaced the system that records all the 911 calls with a new system that meets the newly emerging enhanced 911 requirements.
  • Replaced a total of 159 workstations, laptops and tablets.
  • Completed GIS updates for 61 new construction projects and 298 City addressing assignments or issues.  We collaborated with Community Development to add 69 new wetland and stream buffers; thereby helping to educate the public about their potential impacts.
  • Implemented mobile technology permitting Public Works staff to better manage city infrastructure work orders and assets while in the field and using live GIS data.
  • Upgraded cable infrastructure in Police and Court building totaling over 500 cable pulls and terminations resulting in improved reliability and performance.
  • All New Aerial Imagery of Bothell contracted in 2018 with high accuracy (orthophoto) imagery added to our library of data.  Also updated land features such building outlines, streets, and impervious features were also captured.
  • Implemented a Facilities Management system, enabling Facilities Staff to more effectively manage the city's building assets and maintenance.
  • Added a total of 18 new wireless access points at Fire 42, Fire 44, Fire 45, Bothell Operations Center and Police to add to and improve on wireless service.  This is a 78% increase in wireless access points.
  • Using sophisticated high Tech, Airborne LIDAR, all new GIS layers were created for staff use that include Digital Terrain, Slope Gradient Percentages, and all new Two Foot Contours.
  • Implemented a public facing Document Library, permitting the public to easily search agreements, ordinance, council agendas, and more.
  • Bothell's GIS Steering Team, comprised of citywide representatives, met quarterly and provided guidance to I.S. in GIS decisions.  GIS staff helped coordinate and participate in the renewed Central Puget Sound GIS Users Group; comprised of local government GIS professionals who gather quarterly to exchange ideas and discuss current GIS topics of interest.
  • Implemented a mobile technology solution permitting building inspectors and the Fire Marshal's office to work more effectively in the field, completing inspections reports onsite and sending them via email.
  • Implemented Helpdesk Self Service  allowing users to submit helpdesk and GIS requests, monitor progress and find  basic solutions to the most common problems.
  • Upgraded the City's Recreation System for an improved online customer experience.
  • Replaced aging core networking switch, improving reliability and performance citywide.  
  • Replaced aging citywide Websense Web Filtering system, improving Web security through enhanced filtering and added security capabilities.
  • Replaced the mass storage devices, on which ALL of the City's data resides, with no downtime or technology service outages.
  • Replaced the core servers, on which all of the city's virtual servers reside, with no downtime or technology service outages.

Prior years accomplishments