How do Bothell tax rates compare? 

Property Tax Comparison by City

What is the Fire Benefit charge mentioned in chart above?
The Fire Benefit Charge is an annual fee to fund emergency services provided by a Fire District. The fee is based on property use, size of the structure, and its risk of catching fire. For example, smaller, single family homes are charged less than large, commercial buildings because because firefighters can more easily control a house fire. The Fire Benefit Charge is not a per-call charge and it is not based on assessed value of property.

Shoreline, Kenmore, Lake Forest Park and Woodinville use the Fire Benefit Charge funding model, in addition to funds collected from property taxes. The graph includes an estimated Fire Benefit Charge for these cities based on a 2,000 square-foot, single family home.

Public Safety Property Tax Source Data, PDF 

Source Data for all charts, Excel format

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Charts that explain the reasons for the funding gap.