Keep fallen leaves out of streets and storm drains to prevent flooding.

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City of Bothell has over 8,200 storm drains. During this time of year, our Storm Operations crew runs both of our street sweepers seven days a week to help remove leaves from 311 lane miles of streets. Their efforts make a major difference in the amount of leaves left in the streets, but they can't be everywhere at once. We also need your help to keep the storm drains near your house clear before and during rainy weather.

Click each section below for information about how you can help, what to do with fallen leaves, how to report a clogged storm drain, and how to stay safe in a flood.

  1. How you can help

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The storm drains in your street catch, move, and release rainwater into the nearest stream to keep excess water away from your property. But fallen leaves and other debris can cause localized flooding if they cover those storm drains. Blowing or sweeping fallen leaves into the street makes them a safety and stormwater hazard to your property and your neighborhood. You can help prevent this from happening by removing leaves from the street and storm drains near your property, usually with a rake. Here are some safety guidelines to keep in mind:

Safety first

Don't rake leaves towards the street

Avoid raking leaves near the street where they can wash or get blown into nearby storm drains. 

Watch for traffic 

Be careful when clearing leaves out of storm drains. Work from the curb, not in the street, and make sure an adult supervises any children who are helping.

  1. What to do with fallen leaves
  1. Report clogged storm drains
  1. Stay safe in a flood

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