Water Main Replacement Project

The project will replace sections of older and smaller water and stormwater pipes in downtown Bothell on Sunrise Dr., 93rd Pl. NE, and NE 190th St. between 107th Ave. NE and 108th Ave. NE. 

Water Main Replacement


TimelineWhat's Happening

April 19, 2021

Construction started

Late June, 2021

Construction complete

Water Main Vicinity Map

Traffic Impacts

Please visit the Traffic Alerts page for traffic impacts related to this project.

Relocation of water meters

Contractors may need to access private property to move water meters to the right-of-way (ROW). In this case, contractors will dig up the old meter on private property, move the meter to a new location in the ROW, and fill back in the hold on private property with topsoil, mulch, and grass seed. Impacted households will receive additional notification before the work begins.

Water Service Impacts

Some households may be impacted by a temporary loss of water service. You will receive 48 hours notice before service interruptions.