Meet your levy hires

Click on the photos below to read about your new public safety professionals;  13 commissioned police officers, 5 police civilians, 6 firefighters, 1 probation officer,  and 2 supportive service positions in Information Services and Public Works. Thank you, voters!

Michael Garcia, Police Officer

Michael Garcia headshot

Sukhi Kaur, Police Officer

Sukhi Kaur headshot

Angela Santo, Application Analyst

Angela Santo headshot

Jen Sargeant, Firefighter

Jen Sargeant headshot

Brad McCollum, Firefighter

Brad McCollum headshot

Ryan Smith, Firefighter

Ryan Smith headshot

Shelby Sakoda, Firefighter

Coming Soon

Matthew McCabe, Police Officer

Coming Soon

Jonathan Shoop, Police Officer

Coming Soon

Camilo Lopez, Police Officer

Coming Soon

Paige Sprague, Probation Officer

Coming Soon