National Sword (China Sword)

Did you know that 60% of the recyclable materials collected in the U.S. go to China to be recycled into new products? Historically, China accepted up to 5% non-recyclable contaminants (garbage or food waste) in bales of recyclable materials.

Starting in March 2018, however, the Chinese government is enforcing a policy called National Sword, also known as China Sword, which severely restricts the import of recyclable plastics and paper. China will only accept bales containing less than 1% contamination and will return any shipments that fail to meet that standard.  

This is a BIG change and has had a huge impact on recycling markets around the globe. We need your help!

What can you do?

  • Keep recycling clean and free of contaminants (food waste and garbage).
  • Food containers, like pasta sauce jars or yogurt cups, should be empty, clean, and dry.  Use dishwater to swish or a used napkin to wipe them out (napkins are compostable).
  • Do not place recyclables in black plastic bags. They will not be opened at our sorting facility.  This means they will be sent to the landfill as garbage.
  • Single plastic bags, film plastics, candy wrappers, and plastic utensils belong in the garbage.
  • Greasy pizza boxes and other food-soiled paper should be placed in your compost cart.
  • Avoid hopeful or wishful recycling.  By checking the sorting guides to make sure an item is recycling.  Or, as we say, "when in doubt, check it out!"

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This information is based on details provided by Recology in their Beyond Waste Bulletin.  You can sign up today or check it out online.