Comment on New Special Event Permit Process & Requirements

At the March 5, 2019 meeting of the Bothell City Council, City staff presented a proposed new process and requirements for special event permits. This proposal included the following improvements for better service to special event organizers and attendees:

  • A clear, predictable process for event organizers
  • Easier, separated forms to enable productive discussions with the City as your event idea develops
  • Screened list of appropriate venues to choose from
  • Predictable team-based staff review for greater efficiency
  • Clear requirements for public safety and sanitation provided at start of process, along with estimated costs

At this meeting, Council was presented with the following policy questions:

  1. Does Council approve the proposed special event permit process and associated City requirements?
  2. Should event organizers be required to pay the cost of contracted and City services necessary to meet City requirements, or does the Council prefer event costs are subsidized by the General Fund?
  3. Should the City’s Main Street and the City Hall Garage be made available to external community organizations for special events?

Please see the attached material for more details:

The City Council is scheduled to discuss these questions again at an upcoming meeting. When this date is set, this site will be updated to reflect it.

Please send all comments to Torie Brazitis. We welcome your thoughts on this proposal.