Utility Rates

2023 Utility Rates

Water, sewer, and stormwater utility rates are increasing in 2023. Water, sewer, and stormwater utility rates are assessed on an annual basis. Rate increases fund maintenance, operations, and required utility improvements to provide you with safe, reliable, and efficient water, sewer, and stormwater utilities. Several major factors influenced the 2023 rates, including financing for projects included in the planned 2023 - 2029 Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) update,  the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation, and wastewater treatment and water purchase prices.

Water and sewer rates

Water rate increases  (6%) and sewer rate increases (2.5%) are specific to City of Bothell Water/Sewer customers. There are multiple water and sewer districts within the City of Bothell and immediate vicinity. Find your utility provider. Water and sewer rate increases appear on each of the six bi-monthly billing statements each calendar year.

Stormwater rates

Stormwater rate increases (6%) impact anyone within city limits. Stormwater rate increases appear on semi-annual King and Snohomish County property tax billings.

What do your rates fund?

Utility Rate Expenses InfographicClick image to enlarge

Utility Billing Cycle

Period of UsageBilledDue
January / February
April 20
March / April
June 20
May / June
August 20
July / August
October 20
September / October
December 20
November / December
February 20

Billed: Statements are sent to customers the last week of odd months.

Due: Payments are due on the 20th of even months (unless it falls on a weekend or Holiday, then the payment is due the next business day).


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Calculate Your Bill

Your bill may consist of water only, sewer only, or water and sewer.  Each portion of the bill is explained according to the service location and utility use type.  Click on the name of the utility use type to see a sample calculation:

  1. Residential
  2. Multi-Family
  3. Mobile Home
  4. Commercial

Water Utility

Residential Water Bill Calculation Guide

Your water bill consists of: Base Fee(s), Per CCF Charges, Additional Charges (if applicable), and Tax.
Note: 100 CF = 1 CCF.

To calculate your bill, follow the guide below.  

Charge Type2023 Rate ExampleSample Calculation Based on 25 CCF with 3/4" meter
Base Fee (see table below)$
Base Fee for 3/4"
0 - 10
(see table below)
CCF Usage multiplied by $3.43
10 x $3.43
11 - 20

CCF Usage multiplied by $5.07
10 x $5.07
21 - 30CCF Usage multiplied by $6.54
5 x $6.54
31 - 50CCF Usage multiplied by $8.31
Only 25 CCFs used.
51 and overCCF Usage multiplied by $9.51
Only 25 CCFs used.
Additional Charges
(see table below)
No late fees or additional services
SubtotalAdd all items above
Add all charges above.
Water Residential Tax 11.15%Multiply subtotal by .1115
Calculate tax at 11.15%.
TOTAL BILLAdd subtotal to tax.
Add subtotal to tax.

Residential Water Utility Rates

See note about rate changes at the top of this page.

Meter SizeBase Fee 2023Base Fee 2022
Residential Irrigation 3/4" meter

Water Usage Charge

Water is calculated based on 100 CF = 1 CCF.

CCF UseCCF Charge 2023Maximum ChargeCCF Charge 2022
11 - 20
21 - 30
31 - 50
51 and over
No max charge
Residential Irrigation
No max charge

Sewer Utility

Residential Sewer Bill Calculation Guide

Your sewer bill consists of the Route Charge, Winter Average on Water Use, Additional Charges (if applicable), and Tax.  To calculate your bill, follow the guide below.  

Charge Type2023 Rate ExampleSample Calculation Based on Route 10 with 16 CCF
Sewer Route
Charge for Route 10
Winter Average on Water Use (see table below)

16 CCF - 4 CCF = 12 CCF x $4.75

Add items above
Tax - 6%6%
Subtotal times .06
TOTALSum of all charges
Subtotal plus tax

 Sewer Route Rate

RouteCharge 2023Charge 2022
Sewer Residential$143.27$139.78
Route 10$143.27$139.78
Route 12$143.27$139.78
Route 12 - Outside City$179.09$174.73
Route 14$143.27$139.78

Sewer Usage Rate - Winter Average on Water Use

Winter Average is based on usage from 11/01/21 to 4/30/22 of the previous year.  

To calculate the winter average on water use for sewer, add the 3 bi-monthly consumption usage amounts from your water meter readings on 12/31/21, 2/28/22, and 4/30/22, divide the total by 3 bi-monthly billing periods = Winter average on sewer for 2023 (rounded up to the nearest whole number). The first 4 CCF are not billed for. NOTE: Your sewer charge will remain the same amount for the 6 bi-monthly billing cycles billed for usage from 1/01/2023 – 12/31/2023. 

For those customers and/or accounts that were not established during the full winter averaging period, the city average on water usage will be assigned for this period until a full winter averaging period is established for the period of 11/01 – 4/30, per the Sanitary Sewer Ordinance No. 2364 under section 18.03.210 E - In special cases, single-family residents will be billed according to the following policies:

Special CaseSewer Rate Policy
New HomesBilled at system average charge until use is established.
Changes in Property OwnershipBilled at system average charge until use is established.
Non-Water CustomersBilled at system average charge.
Leak AdjustmentsBilled per adjusted winter volume.  City will factor leak adjustment into calculation for sewer rate.

City Average Water Usage for Winter Averaging on Sewer Calculations

Route2023 System City AveragePer 1 CCF in Excess of 4 CCF2022 System City AveragePer 1 CCF in Excess of 4 CCF
Route 1011 CCF
12 CCF
Route 1211 CCF
12 CCF
Route 12 - Outside City11 CCF
12 CCF
Route 1411 CCF
12 CCF

Additional Fees

Type of ChargeRate 2023Rate 2022Applicable Bothell Municipal Code (BMC)
Late Fee Penalty 
Collection Agency Assignment Fee 
Customer Request Water Shut-Off or Turn-On Fee 
Non-Payment or Backflow Non-Compliance Water Shut-Off Fee 
Non-Payment or Backflow Non-Compliance Water Turn-On Fee 
$74$6718.03.280, 18.06.340, 18.07.050
Meter Tampering Administrative Fee in cases of meter tampering or water theft (cumulative to any fines, penalties, water charges, or others fees and costs) 
Meter Re-Reads (one re-read per year at no charge) 
Final Meter Reads for Final Bill Request 
Meter Removal (no charge) and Re-Installation 
Utility Lien Filing Administrative Fee (in addition to County recording costs)
After Hours Water Service Reactivation Charge for Delinquent Accounts
Temporary Meter Disconnect or Reconnect (business hours)
Temporary Meter Disconnect or Reconnect (non-business hours, holidays, and weekends)
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee $53$48