Court and Supportive Service Hires

Brian Thai, Public Safety Application Analyst

“I may not be what most people think about when they hear ‘public safety’, but the work I do on public safety technology helps Bothell firefighters and police officers do their jobs and keep our community safe,” says Brian Thai, the new Public Safety Application Analyst hired with funds from a voter-approved levy. “I know my work makes a difference because supporting Bothell Fire and Police means I get to support tBrian Thai headshothe rest of the community.”

Thai steps into the Public Safety Application Analyst role after four years with the City of Bothell Information Services department as an Operations Technician. “People would be surprised to know that my job involves much more than sitting behind a desk,” explains Thai, “I get to work side by side with our Firefighters and Police Officers to understand how we can customize our tools to fit both their needs and the public safety needs of the community.”

One example of this is the expansion of the complex mobile technologies that Bothell’s public safety staff rely on. For example, when residents call 9-1-1, dispatch center personnel inputs the information into an application which syncs with the laptops in public safety vehicles. This application also supports Fire Department staff that conduct building inspections. “I’ve always been motivated to grow our technology capacity alongside the growth of our community. By passing the public safety levy, we’re able to match the expanded public safety response with dedicated public safety technology support,” says Thai.

We’re thrilled to have you at the City of Bothell, Brian Thai! Thank you, voters!

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