Visit the Court

Location and Hours of Operation

Bothell Municipal Court is located directly east from the Bothell City Hall and Bothell Police Department at 10116 NE 183rd Street, Bothell, WA 98011. The court is open Monday through Friday, 8:00AM-12:30PM, 1:30PM-4:30PM, and is closed for the lunch hour. 

Bothell Municipal Court is in session Monday through Friday and is open to the public. 

Courthouse Expectations

  • Activities that disrupt the conduct of court business are prohibited
  • All visitors will be subject to a security check prior to entering the courthouse
  • Weapons are not permitted
  • Animals, other than service animals assisting persons with disabilities, are not permitted in public areas of the building
  • Arrive on time for court
  • Turn off all electronic devices prior to entering the courtroom
  • Remove your hat prior to entering the courtroom
  • Do not bring food, beverages, or chewing gum into the courtroom
  • Children must be under the control of a responsible adult at all times
  • Spectators must act in a manner appropriate to the dignity and decorum of the courtroom, including observing court proceedings quietly
  • Recording devices of any kind are not permitted without pre-arranged judicial approval 

Contact the Court

  1. Juror Services
  2. Probation Services
  3. Records Request
  4. Interpreter Services
  5. Court Clerk

Bothell Juror Services
Jury Coordinator
Christine Tyksinski
Phone: 425.487.5587
Fax: 425.487.5580