Electronic Hearing Form

Individuals who wish to mitigate, contest, or defer their City of Bothell infraction may submit an electronic statement in lieu of appearing in person. If you are currently scheduled for a hearing, this electronic form must be received by the clerk at least one (1) business day before the hearing. No appeal may be taken from the result of this electronic hearing.

Pay online or by telephone

To mail payment to the court, enclose a check or money order in U.S. funds made payable to Bothell Municipal Court, for the amount listed on the front of the ticket. To pay by telephone, please call the clerk’s office. Please have your case number and a VISA or MasterCard ready. 

The committed violation will go onto your driving record if “traffic” is checked on the front of the ticket. NSF checks will be treated as a failure to respond to the ticket. Please do not send cash in the mail.

Set up time payments

To make payment arrangements, please call the Clerk’s Office. If you have other outstanding court fines, you may wish to enter a payment plan with Signal Credit. You may also qualify for the Unified Payment Program if your license is currently suspended. 

Mitigation hearing

To explain circumstances and request a lower fine amount:

In Person: By requesting a mitigation hearing, you agree that you committed the infraction(s) but wish to explain the circumstances and request a reduction in the monetary penalty. Infractions designated as "traffic" will be reported to the Department of Licensing. The court may allow time payments or reduce the penalty where allowed by law.

Online: As an alternative to appearing in court, you may mitigate your infraction by completing the Electronic Hearing form.

Contested hearing

To challenge your infraction:

In Person: If you believe the infraction was not committed, you may request a court date to appear in person by completing the bottom section of your infraction and submitting to the Court. At the hearing, the City must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the infraction was committed. You may subpoena witnesses, including the officer who wrote the ticket, to attend the hearing. The Court will provide instructions on how to request a witness’s presence. If the City prevails, traffic infractions will report to the Department of Licensing. 

Online: As an alternative to appearing in court, you may contest your infraction by completing the Electronic Hearing form.

Deferred Finding

A deferred finding results in a dismissal of the infraction. You are eligible for a deferred finding for one moving and one non-moving infraction within a seven-year period so long as you do not hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and you were not operating a commercial motor vehicle at the time of the violation. The judge will decide whether to grant a deferred finding. If granted, you will be required to pay an administrative fee equivalent to the face value of the original violation(s) within 60 days. Your infraction(s) will be dismissed upon payment. Request a deferred finding by completing the Electronic Hearing form above.