Bench Warrant Information

Outstanding Bench Warrant

Defendants who have failed to appear for court and/or remain in compliance with the order of the court may have a bench warrant issued for their arrest. 

If you believe you may have an outstanding bench warrant, you may wish to speak with your attorney prior taking further action. 

You may contact the court clerk at 425-487-5587 to verify the status of your case. 

Motion to Quash Bench Warrant/Walk-In Calendar

The court hears motions to quash bench warrant every day at 11:00AM. To set your case for this calendar, you must appear at the Bothell Municipal Court front counter no later than 9:00AM on the day you wish to see the judge. There is no fee to set a motion to quash bench warrant in Bothell. 

Individuals with bench warrants ordered for $10,000 or more must either turn themselves in or post bail. 

Weekly Bench Warrant Report

Bench Warrant Report

This report is for informational purposes only and updated weekly. To inquire into the status of a case or bench warrant, please call 425-487-5587.