Property Tax

The City of Bothell receives approximately twenty percent of the property taxes paid on properties located in Bothell. The remaining approximately 80% goes to other taxing jurisdictions such as the Northshore School District, the County, and the State. The City of Bothell portion of the property tax includes four components: the voter approved Streets and Sidewalks levy; the voter approved Safe and Secure levy; the voter approved fire station reconstruction bond levy; and, the City’s regular levy. 


Check out your own property taxes breakdown using the County Assessor’s online tax calculator:

King County Property Tax

Snohomish County Property Tax

Tax Relief Programs

If you, or someone you know, is a senior citizen, disabled, or has a fixed or limited income there are several programs available to help you reduce the amount of property taxes you owe. This year, the income thresholds and residency requirements for the Senior Citizen/Disabled Persons Property Tax Exemption Program have changed, so be sure to check if you qualify. Learn more at:

King County - Tax Relief

Snohomish County - Property Tax Exemptions