Stormwater Learning at Home with Nature Vision

Looking for learning opportunities for your students during COVID-19? Nature Vision has developed a series of stormwater science packets for K-12 students to complete at home.

These packets support Next Generation Science Standards and are separated out by the grade bands: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Each day students will explore a science lesson related to the packet topic and fulfill corresponding activities that further their understanding. These lessons are designed for students to finish with little teacher/parent/caregiver guidance.

Ecological Impacts

Water Quality

Human Systems

Stay tuned! The Human Systems packets are in development and will be posted on May 29.

Ecological Impacts, Water Quality, and Human Systems packets team

Nature Vision Staff: Rob Healy, Allie Hotzfeld, Scott Jenkins, Mike Munro, Melissa Pendleton, Michelle Song, Kathryn Sooter, Katie Engel, Courtney Rogers, and Ginny Sanchez Ballard
City of Bothell Staff: Christi Cox

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