Telecommuting Resources

Resources to help employees stay connected and engaged while working from home

This page is designed to help employees get started with telecommuting, set up their workspace ergonomically, and offer ways to stay engaged and productive. 

Email the if you need access to Remote Work Agreement form. 

Personnel Policies and Procedures 10.9 Remote Work or Telecommuting


Ergonomic Equipment Resources:  Below is a list of items you should consider in order to fit your workspace with ergonomic equipment.  The links are either to companies that offer those specific items or to articles that highlight companies who offer those items. Please note, this list may not include all the items necessary for an ergonomic work space, nor are the links a recommendation of the ideal equipment for you. You should do your own research of the options available that will fit your space or needs. Target, Walmart, Amazon, Staples, and Office Depot also offer many options for the equipment listed below.  If you need something evaluated for ergonomic appropriateness, please reach out to the Human Resources Department.

Standing Desks & Monitor Risers
Standing Mats
Mouse & Keyboards
Foot Rests
Document Holders
Task Lighting