Bothell Emergency Radio Communications

Bothell ERC meets the 3rd Monday of each month, 1900-2000(7-8PM) via MS Teams. If you are interested in more information or joining please Contact us.

The volunteer-ran Bothell-area Amateur Radio Emergency Communications net is on Thursday evenings at 1900 (7pm) on 147.340 with 100 tone and all hams that can reach it are welcome to check in. The net will start with a roll call then open up to all other check-ins. 

Ham Radio

The goal of Bothell ERC is to provide reliable, licensed, amateur radio services to the city and surrounding areas during a major event when normal lines of communication may fail or be overwhelmed. Ham radio helps make sure vital information gets where it needs to go for the safety and recovery of our community.

To prepare for this we will provide communications support for city events, CERT team exercises, and other area happenings as requested. Participation of team members is encouraged in 5th Saturday and other drills, and cooperative exercises with neighboring jurisdictions. 

Are you already a licensed ham radio technician in the Bothell area? Let us know and join us in helping Bothell continue to be a prepared and resilient community. 

Interested in getting or upgrading your Ham Radio license? Contact the Lake Washington Ham Club for information on classes and testing opportunities.