Virtual Open House: 2021 Storm and Surface Water Master Plan Update

Welcome to our “Virtual Open House!”

City of Bothell would like to share the latest draft update to our Storm and Surface Water Master Plan with our community members and collect your feedback about it. The public comment period will remain open through September 30, 2020.

This draft is a living document and is still in the process of being updated by staff.
We plan to present a final draft for adoption consideration at the Oct. 20, 2020 Bothell City Council meeting.

The City’s Storm and Surface Water Master Plan was last updated in 2015. This plan sets a course for stormwater programs and capital projects for years to come and addresses current and anticipated regulatory requirements, emerging stormwater management technologies, existing flooding and water quality problems, and the resources the City needs to fully implement its plan.
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We want to hear what you think of the draft plan!

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  1. Program Overview and Evaluation
  2. Project Planning
  3. Watershed Management
  4. Financial Management
  5. Recommended Actions

Program Overview and Evaluation

Section 1 provides an overview and evaluation of the Utility’s functions and recommends program actions where appropriate. Although compliance with federal regulations under the Clean Water Act - National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit is a significant driver for the Utility’s program, this Plan Update recognizes that the Utility provides a broader range of services than simply complying with regulations. Focus areas for the program evaluation and summary overview include:

Systems Operations and Management

    • Inspecting, cleaning, and maintaining the City storm system
    • Identifying and correcting deficiencies in the City-maintained system
    • Requiring private system operators to maintain their systems
    • Identifying and completing Natural Environment Projects

Regulatory Compliance

    • Tracking and responding to NPDES and other state and federal requirements

Stormwater Pollution Control

    • Spill response
    • Illicit connection and discharge elimination 
    • Stream and system monitoring, evaluation, and testing
    • Education and outreach targeting behavior change
    • Technical assistance for business owners to repair and maintain their systems 

System Expansion (through Land Use and City Projects)

    • Review and inspection of stormwater reports and designs
    • Creation and updating of stormwater design standards
    • Tracking and integrating new construction into inspections and asset management

Financial Planning and Management

    • Rate setting and billing
    • Financial tracking
    • Asset management funding

Reporting and Record Keeping

    • Internal records management
    • Maintenance and Asset Management database

Summary of Evaluation

No major overhaul or expansion of the Utility is planned during 2021-2025. The Utility is expected to raise rates slightly over time to meet its minimum long-term program needs. Significant effort will be necessary in the next two years to address the following items associated with the City’s NPDES permit:

Task / Item Due Date
Long-range comprehensive planning
Due Mar. 31, 2022
Low impact development code review Due Dec. 31, 2023
Watershed delineation and prioritization
Due Dec. 31, 2021
Implement source control program for existing development Due Dec. 31, 2022
Development of a stormwater management action plan Due Dec. 31, 2022
Implement a community-based social marketing strategy Due Mar. 31, 2021
Evaluate and report on behavior change for marketing strategy Due Mar. 31, 2024

Staffing and Equipment Needs

Based on an assessment of its current program, the Utility-funded staffing and equipment levels are adequate to handle existing needs. However, some significant additions to the Utility are being considered through land use changes in the Canyon Park Business Park and future improvements by the City and developers. These additions will be assessed prior to completion of these planning efforts and additional staff and equipment may be included in subsequent rate studies.

Section 5 contains a complete list and description of action items that the Utility will consider.

Open a PDF of the entire Program Overview and Evaluation section (Section 1) of the draft Master Plan Update.

Draft 2021 Storm and Surface Water Master Plan Update

This draft is a living document and is still in the process of being updated by staff. All documents below are in PDF format.

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We anticipate presenting the draft plan to Bothell City Council at their October 20, 2020 meeting. You can watch the meeting live starting at 6 p.m. on City of Bothell's YouTube channel.