School Evacuation Drills

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School Evacuation Drill Guidelines

Evacuation drills are an essential part of assuring student and staff safety during an emergency. Although COVID-19 has temporarily changed our building occupancy loads, it has not diminished the importance of continued practice. 

In fact, with alterations to indoor environments to accommodate social distancing requirements and the storage of additional personal protective equipment, such as bulk hand-sanitizer and cleaning supplies, evaluating and practicing evacuation procedures is more vital than ever.  

Please read our School Evacuation Drills Guidelines Document to learn more. Should you have lingering questions, please contact

Educational Materials

School Evacuation Drill Guidelines,
During COVID-19

Home Evacuation
Lesson Plan

We encourage educators to share this lesson plan, along with the linked video with students to promote fire safety in the home.

Home Evacuation
Lesson Plan Video