Paint Disposal

PaintCare Washington

Do you have unwanted or leftover paint? Recycle your paint products at a PaintCare drop-off site. Accepted products include latex paint, oil-based paint, stain, varnish, and more. Visit the PaintCare website to find a drop-off location near you and view a list of accepted products.

PaintCare is a product stewardship program that provides convenient locations to recycle unwanted paint. The industry-led program reports annually to the Washington State Department of Ecology. A small fee, called the PaintCare fee, is applied to all sales of eligible products in Washington, which funds all aspects of the program. Learn more about the PaintCare Program at


Paint Smarter

Buy Right

It isn't always easy to guess how much paint you'll need for a project. Start by asking the right questions to help you estimate your needs. If you buy too much, store it properly to use for future projects.

Store Right

Make sure you're storing paint for touch-ups or future projects correctly by following these tips to keep your paint in good condition so someone else can reuse or recycle it.

Use It Up

Get creative and find ways to use up leftover paint. Use extra paint as a primer for other projects, on an accent wall, to update the inside of a bookshelf or lamp, or on a weekend project like a DIY birdhouse.

Give It Away

Still have paint leftover? Check with friends, relatives, community groups, or local artists to see who might be able to use it.

Recycle the Rest

Recycle any leftover paint at PaintCare drop-off locations