Cultural Plan

City of Bothell Approves Strategic Cultural Plan

On February 18, 2020 Bothell City Council adopted the Strategic Cultural Plan. Implemented using a consensus building approach to planning, a series of community stakeholder meetings engaged the Bothell community by asking the question, "How do we envision arts and culture impacting the quality of life and economic vitality in our city by 2029?" The community input resulted in:

•    Seven Community Visions;

•    A three-year Practical Framework;

•    Underlying Contradictions impeding the Vision; and, 

•    Four Strategic Directions addressing the Contradictions and advances the seven Community Visions. 

The next steps for the Bothell Arts Commission is taking the three-year Practical Framework and developing an Implementation Plan to ensure success. The Commission will return to Council after the Implementation Plan is complete for consideration and adoption.  

Cultural Plan

Strategic Cultural Plan