Green Holiday Tips

Make your holiday season greener with tips to reduce waste and conserve water!

Compost Holiday Trees

Greener Tree Tips

Consider buying a live tree and planting it outside after the holidays. Once in the ground, the tree adds value to your landscape and helps soak up excess rainwater. 

If you have a cut tree, compost it when the holidays are over:

Curbside Customers

Both haulers offer curbside tree collection for residential customers.

Multi-Family and Commercial Residents

If you don't have curbside service through Recology CleanScapes or Waste Management, find a location near you to take your tree.


Waste Free Holiday Tips

Did you know? Americans throw away 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day! Reduce your amount of waste during the holidays. 

Holiday Dinner

Water Conservation Tips

  • Defrost your holiday roast in the refrigerator. Water savings: 50 gallons
  • Swap a bowl of water for the running tap when rinsing fruits and vegetables. Then use it to water plants. Water savings: 30 gallons per week
  • Use your organics container instead of the garbage disposal for food scraps. Water savings: 60 gallons per week
  • Most new dishwashers don’t require pre-rinsing dishes. Instead, place them right in and wait for a full load to run. If you have to hand wash dishes, plug the drain and fill your sink with soapy water. Water savings: 10-20 gallons per load
  • Food waste indirectly impacts water use too. It takes a lot of water to grow and raise our food. Buy only what you need, try your hand at more vegetarian dishes, and use your leftovers. Water savings: Varies
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Tips for Family Time

Share in activities with neighbors, friends and family by:


BuyBothell (Shop Local)

Support local businesses!

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Give the Gift of Experience

  • Give the gift of a local event or activity instead of the gift of packaging and waste
  • Give the gift of a donation to a community in need:
  • Give the gift of learning with Bothell Parks & Recreation!
    • Foster personal growth with a fitness, art, or music class
    • Develop skills or learn new ones with an online Ed2Go course