Sustainable Holiday Tips

Reduce your environmental impact during the holidays with some helpful tips.

  1. Holiday Meals
  2. Gifting
  3. Know Where It Goes
  4. Tree Tips

Reusable storage containers with leftovers

Buy only what you need

Calculate how much food you'll need for your guests with Save The Food's Guestimator.

Plan ahead to save water

With a little planning, you can save a lot of water when cooking holiday meals.

  • Defrost your holiday roast in the refrigerator rather than cold water and save 50 gallons of water! To thaw your turkey, allow about 24 hours for every 4 to 5 pounds of turkey.
  • Swap a bowl of water for the running tap when rinsing fruits and vegetables. Then use it to water plants.

Compost it

Use your organics container instead of the garbage disposal for food scraps. Not only are you helping to turn food scraps into compost, but putting fats, oils, or grease down the drain can cause expensive sewer backups. Learn what to do with fats, oils, and grease instead.

Wash up

Most new dishwashers don’t require pre-rinsing dishes. Instead, save water by placing them right in and waiting for a full load to run. If you have to hand wash dishes, plug the drain and fill your sink with soapy water.

Use your leftovers

Use your leftovers to cut down on food waste. 

  • Send leftovers home with guests in reusable containers.
  • Try new recipes. Save The Food offers recipes for using up holiday leftovers and Big Oven searches recipes based on ingredients you have on hand.
  • Freeze what you can't finish.