Save Your Serial Numbers

It's important to document and save the serial numbers of your valuables to assist law enforcement in item recovery and criminal charges.picture shows a serial number.  text says "save your serial numbers"

Many of your valuables have serial numbers, including cell phones, bicycles, gaming devices, computer/laptop/tablets, guns, major appliances, power tools, digital cameras, smart watches, and more.  

Saving your belongings' serial numbers helps prove an item really belongs to you.  It's also very helpful (and easy) to take pictures or videos of your belongings, their serial numbers any unique (identifying) features.  

There are many ways to document and safely store important information about your valuables.   Many insurance companies offer tips and tools, there are many free and low-fee apps available, too.  

One online, serial-number-storage tool that's free for residents of Bothell (and other jurisdictions that partner with LeedsOnline) is ReportIt; A Citizen Property Inventory System.   

Saving serial numbers and photos/videos of your valuables not only helps in the event of a crime, it can also help in the event of a flood, fire, or other disaster.  

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