Executive Department 

The Executive Department includes the City Manager, Deputy City Manager, Assistant City Manager, Administrative Assistant, City Clerks, Public Records Officer, Communications Officer, Economic Development Manager and Northshore Parks and Recreation Association (NPRSA) Staff. 


The City of Bothell operates under a seven council-manager form of government. Councilmembers are elected by residents to serve three year terms and are responsible for selecting a city manager who oversees all city operations and implements policy. 

The Executive Department, also referred to as the City Manager's Office, as a whole provides:

  • Leadership to all departments 
  • Oversees city-wide communications and engagement opportunities 
  • Coordinates human services and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts
  • Manages special projects
  • Responds to public records requests 
  • Meets a number of city-wide administrative needs 
  • Engages in regional collaboration
  • Oversees economic development
  • Provides support to the NPRSA Board