Creative Services


Thank you for your interest in partnering with the City of Bothell. If you provide professional services in graphic design, photography, videography, or drone footage and would like to be added to the City's list of creative service providers, please fill out the online form below.

Forms will be accepted through May 31, 2023. All fields with the exception of "Agency Name," must be completed in order to be added to the on-call creative services list.

Creative Professional Contact Form

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  2. Be as detailed as possible. You may also upload your rate sheet. 

  3. Please provide link(s) to several samples of your work. 

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Being on the City of Bothell's on-call creative services list does not guarantee that work will be provided. City staff will contact vendors directly, on a project-by-project basis, to discuss scope, rates, and availability. 

If selected to perform work for the City, vendors will need to execute a professional services agreement with the City in a form approved by the City’s Legal Department.