Recology Data Breach

Recology announced that a company it contracts with recently suffered a data breach of its customer information. Recology is working to determine what kinds of customer data, if any, might have been compromised by the attack. To learn more, please visit their website, email, or call 425-453-0220.

Collection Day Changes Start March 1, 2021

Waste Management Customers

Starting March 1, Waste Management customers in Bothell will be transitioning to Recology. These customers are located in portions of the City annexed in 2014. Waste Management continued to provide service to recently-annexed areas for seven years after annexation.

If you are a new Recology customer, you will receive new curbside collection carts delivered to your home in February on your current collection day. Please place all current recycle, organics and garbage carts out at the curb until 5PM on your collection day and continue to do so until your new carts have arrived.

Customers will receive informational mailers and calls prior to the changes. For more information, visit Recology's website.

Bothell is Growing

To accommodate a number of new customers and a growing city, Recology is optimizing routes to reduce wear and tear on roads and improve safety to better serve our community. Starting March 1, 2021, existing Recology customers may experience a collection day change. All affected customers will receive a postcard and phone call prior to the change. Enter you address on Recology's website to find out if your collection day will be impacted.