Vendor Information

Information Security - Vendors

Those directly employed by companies, with whom the City has an established maintenance agreements, may be granted access to select City technology resources. Access is considered strictly for the purposes of core technical support only. All vendor access requests must be approved by Information Services.

The first time a vendor requests access, he/she must read Section 2 of Administrative Order 2.4.1 and sign ‘Appendix A – Employee Acknowledgement’. Each individual is required to submit the signed appendix along with a Remote Access Agreement/Application for vetting. 

Access is granted on an as needed basis. Each time access is needed, vendor employee is required to send a request via email from a company address. Each request must include:

  • Employee Name (Name of Bothell employee who has requested technical support)
  • An incident or work under number


Information Security Administrative Order 2.4.2 (Employee/Vendor Excerpt) (PDF)Vendor Remote Access Agreement (PDF) - Read instructions carefully

If you have any questions about this process please contact us via email, or at 425-806-6170.