City of Bothell is home to nine athletic fields located at three sites: Cedar Grove Park, Doug Allen Fields, and North Creek Fields. These high-demand facilities provide programmed field use for a variety of local youth and adult sports, as well as seasonal camps and drop-in use for the local community. 

  1. Field Use Requests
  2. Field Allocation Process
  3. Field Inventory and Maps
  4. Fees

To request field space, please review our Field Scheduling Guide and complete one of the following forms. A member of our staff will get back to you to confirm availability.

Formal Use Field Request: For ongoing use throughout a season, or groups scheduling ten (10) or more dates.

Informal Use Field Request: For groups scheduling nine (9) or less dates. Please note that no single-use (one date) reservation requests will be accepted at this time.

Tournament Request: For groups/leagues scheduling a tournament. Tournament dates will be considered separate from league dates and can be set prior to scheduling play for formal and informal field use.

Concessions Request: For groups wishing to sell concessions (food, merchandise, etc.) at a tournament or event.

Incidental/Unscheduled Use: Unscheduled use for organized groups/teams is not allowed at City of Bothell fields. Unorganized (pickup games, family use, etc.) incidental use is allowed as long as use does not interfere with scheduled use, field maintenance or require parking. Please check the weekly schedule posted in the field kiosk to determine when fields must be vacated for permit holders. Availability of fields can also be viewed online (any time listed as "Contact to Reserve" is available).

2023 Deadlines & Important Dates

Winter 2023
Spring 2023
Fall 2023
Verified resident numbers due: 12/01/22
Verified resident numbers due: 01/18/23
Verified resident numbers due: 07/24/23
Winter allocation meeting:
Spring allocation meeting:
Fall allocation meeting:
Final schedules sent to organizations by:
Final schedules sent to organizations by:
Final schedules sent to organizations by:
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