Community Development

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The mission of the Bothell Community Development Department is to work in collaboration with residents, businesses, and colleagues to promote a community that celebrates its history, embraces its present, and envisions its future. We carry out our mission by:  

  • Acting with integrity and honesty
  • Treating people with respect, care, patience and empathy
  • Creating a safe, sustainable and healthy environment
  1. Permit Center
  2. Future Planning
  3. Code Compliance

Permit Center and Development Services

The Development Services team, including the Permit Center, coordinates between multiple City departments to provide permits for all types of projects - from residential repairs and remodels, to new commercial buildouts and subdivisions.

Building Department:

Dedicated to upholding the State and Local building codes, the building department handles reviews of permits for built structures - ADU's, remodels, new buildings, decks, roofs, commercial buildings, etc.

Planning and Land Use:

Our Planning Department oversees the land use and zoning aspects of projects and applications. From new subdivisions and developments to residential buildings - they look at how the land is used, how trees and open spaces are preserved, and more!

Fire Prevention / CRR:

Permitting works together with our Community Risk Reduction department (CRR) to permit and inspect your fire permitting needs. Whether you are hosting a tented event, putting in a new fire alarm or sprinkler system, or are doing new construction, Fire and Permitting work hand in hand.

Public Works:

Responsible for streets, utilities, and other fundamental infrastructure, the Public Works department works closely with the Permit Center to make sure all your foundational permits are obtained and inspected.