Comprehensive Plan and Ongoing Amendments

  1. 2024 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update
  2. 2015 Comprehensive Plan
  3. Community Initiated Amendments

What is the 2024 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update?

The Comprehensive Plan is a blueprint for Bothell’s future.

The update is a process required by the State and completed by all cities in our area every 10 years. The Comprehensive Plan provides the framework for how Bothell can adapt to and plan for projected growth.

The Comprehensive Plan looks at all aspects of the City - from land use to transportation, housing to parks, climate change to natural environment - in order to form a complete picture of our City and region’s future.

Why is the Comprehensive Plan being updated?

The first Imagine Bothell... Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 1994 and last updated in 2015. Much has changed since the 2015 update, and more change is expected. It's time to update our Comprehensive Plan to proactively plan for the next 20 years.

The City also has an annual process to make minor changes to our Comprehensive Plan. State law (the Growth Management Act (GMA)) requires cities to make the larger periodic updates to review and address more substantial changes to their Comprehensive Plans. The City’s current periodic update to the Comprehensive Plan is required to be adopted by City Council by December 31, 2024. 


How to get involved:

Join us at Planning Commission and City Council meeting whenever you can or when there's a topic that interests you! The agendas, minutes, and links to the YouTube records of previous meetings can be found in the Agenda Center.

A series of public engagement events and activities are being planned and will be announced on this webpage, our engagement portal (coming soon!), and via the Imagine Bothell... email list - sign up to be notified!

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