Operations Division

The Operations Division is the largest and most visible arm of the police department because these are the uniformed men and women who patrol the streets of our community twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The primary mission of the Operations Division is to maintain order throughout all parts of our community.
While maintaining order we strive to perform our policing duties effectively, efficiently, and as  fairly as possible. Through our work product, we also strive to reflect and represent the values and interests of our community.

To maintain community order, the scope of our work extends far beyond crime alone and extends to many social services as we aspire to help the mentally ill, the homeless, and drug addicted population in our community.  Detecting and deterring crime is only part of what the Operations Division does on a day-to-day basis.

While day-to-day life in Bothell is usually peaceful, the police department is also charged with the responsibility of being prepared to respond to and mitigate any crisis event that may occur.  Those crisis possibilities range from mass civil disturbances, active gunman incidents, or armed barricaded suspects, with or without hostages.  In the interest of efficiency, several local police departments pool resources to assemble regional teams to be prepared for these types of crisis should they occur. The Bothell Police Department participates and trains with a regional SWAT team, a regional Disturbance Response Team, and a regional Hostage Negotiation team.

When our officers handle a crisis, enforce the law, or assist people in need, proper training of our officers is of paramount concern. In 2016, on average each commissioned officer attended three weeks of in-service training. Our officers are well trained to help people in crisis, respond to and mitigate a major crisis, and ultimately maintain order in our community while simultaneously espousing the values of our community.

We recognize we police our community with the permission and authority granted to us by our citizens, and we hold that trust bestowed upon us in the highest regard. Because of that, we strive to treat every person with respect, dignity, and the highest level of professionalism our industry has to offer.