Emergency Preparedness

natural disaster collage

Preparedness Is Key 

Disasters like earthquakes, winter storms, flooding, landslides and volcanic eruptions don’t wait. They can happen anytime, sometimes without warning. The best thing you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe is be prepared. Ask yourself, is your family ready for an emergency? Do you have an emergency kit with two weeks’ worth of food, water and supplies? How about a family communications plan, meeting place and an escape plan? Visit our preparedness page for tips and resources today.  

About Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) coordinates emergency planning, preparedness, response and recovery on behalf of the city. When a disaster strikes, our job is to coordinate efforts between city departments, responders, community partners and other key stakeholders to make sure the city is effectively responding to whatever incident is happening. When there is not an active disaster, our team is writing emergency plans, educating the public, developing trainings and exercises and building relationships with local and regional partners.  City resilience depends on day to day operations like these.  

Get Involved 

Every person who lives and works in Bothell plays an important role in minimizing the impact of a disaster in our community. Get Involved by signing up for one of our many classes or programs that are offered each year, including CERT and the Ham Radio Team. Interested in a disaster preparedness presentation? Contact us today.

Emergency Alerts 

Do you receive city notifications when there is an emergency? Sign up for Bothell Alert to  stay informed about potential hazards and threats that impact our area.