Disabled Parking

Attention Bothell Business Owners
The Bothell Police Department would like to request your voluntary assistance in ensuring disabled parking is available to citizens who need it. It has come to our attention that there are a number of disabled parking stalls throughout Bothell that lack a vertical sign. State law requires disabled parking stalls be marked with a vertical sign bearing the international symbol of access in order for officers to enforce the restrictions that prevent others from parking there (RCW 46.61.581). Volunteers surveyed the local business and found 16% of the City’s disabled parking areas were not marked according to State law and officers would be unable to enforce restrictions on violators.

If you have a disabled parking stall near your business, please take a look to make sure it is properly marked. If not, you can help ensure access for those who need it by posting a sign bearing the international symbol of access. You might have a source for purchasing signs, or you can also obtain parking signs at Home Depot or Ace Hardware. More information is available in the column to the right.

With your help we can make it easier for people to identify where they can and cannot park and keep these parking locations available for our citizens who truly need them.