Mitigation is defined as "sustained actions taken to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to people and property from hazards and their effects."

Goals Regarding Mitigation

There are two main goals regarding mitigation. First, mitigation should minimize the impact on people and damage to property. Second, mitigation should minimize the economic impact of responding to and recovering from disasters. The overall goal of mitigation is to create disaster resistant communities.

Park at Bothell Landing bridgeWorking With King County

The City of Bothell faces much of the same hazards as does the majority of King County such as severe weather including high winds and winter storms, flooding, landslides, earthquakes, and terrorism. Therefore the City's Hazard Mitigation Plan was created in accordance with the goals and objectives of the King County Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan and identifies hazards and the accompanying initiatives that the City has established to address those hazards.

For more information, please view the Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan.

2020 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

King County is updating the Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan (see link above) (RHMP), covering nearly 60 planning partners, including Bothell. The update not only reassesses the County's risks and vulnerabilities to natural and human-caused hazards, it develops strategies to reduce risk to those hazards. 
The 2019 City of Bothell Hazard Mitigation Annex has identified 6 hazard mitigation strategies covering 21 projects to help reduce or eliminate loss of life and property damage resulting from disasters.  

Thoughts and comments can be directed to our City's Emergency Management Team