Applications & Forms

All permitting applications must be submitted through 

Getting in Touch with the Permit Center

The Permit Center is now open to walk-in customers Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8am to 5pm (closed from 12-1 for lunch).

Review staff and permitting staff also remain available for consultation via telephone at 425-806-6400.

Permit staff may also be reached via email at - this is the best way to reach a Permit Coordinator with permitting questions.

Electrical permits are reviewed and issued through Labor and Industries. Many electrical permits may be obtained online. The closest L & I office is located in Bellevue:  616 120th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA (map) Ph: 425-990-1400

Plan Submittal Requirements

All plan submittals with over 10 sheets, shall follow this format for plan layout so reviewers have room to stamp plans. A full column of open area is required for the cover sheet and half a column is required for each subsequent sheet.

Plan Layout for architectural sheets and civil plans containing more than 10 sheets:

Plans submitted for review, and with over 10 sheets, shall have the following areas left blank and unused for city stamps.

  • Cover sheet: A full height column on the right side of the plans 3” wide based on a 36” x 24” plan sheet (adjust to fit the plan size)
  • After cover sheet: A column 8” tall x 3” wide column based on a 36” x 24” plan sheet (adjust to fit the plan size)

Requirements apply to plan sets only and not structural calculations, geotechnical reports, city forms, etc. Refer to plan stamp pdf template examples for further clarification.

General Documents

B - Permit Processing Timelines (PDF)
D - Development Review Billing Form (PDF)

1c - Permit Renewal Request (PDF)
1d - Application Information Changes or Additions (PDF)
15 - Site Plan Review (PDF)
21 - Pre-Application Meeting Request (PDF)

36 - WSA Water / Sewer / Fire Flow Availability (PDF)
54 - Application for Assignment of Address (PDF)
Work Exempt from Permit (PDF)

Example Site Plan (PDF)
Example Floor Plan (PDF)

Permit Fees

A - Building Fees (PDF)
C - Land Use and Planning Fees (PDF)
E - Public Works Fees (PDF)
X - Impact Fees (PDF)

Fee Quote Forms
Commercial Building Submittal Fee Quote Form (XLS)
Multi-Family Building Submittal Fee Quote Form (XLS)
Single Family Building Submittal Fee Quote Form (XLS)

Bond Forms

Surety Bond - Performance (PDF)
Surety Bond - Maintenance (PDF)
Wetlands Surety Bond - Maintenance (PDF)
Cash Set Aside - Performance (PDF)
Cash Set Aside - Maintenance (PDF)
Assignment of Funds - Performance (PDF)
Assignment of Funds - Maintenance (PDF)

Building Permits

General Building Forms

AAA - Alternate Materials Design and Methods of Construction and Equipment (PDF)
Y - Special Inspections (PDF)
1b - Re-Roof (PDF)
1e - Temp Outdoor Seating - Private Parking (PDF)
11a - Building Code Summary Worksheet 2018 IBC (PDF)
11b - Building Code Summary Worksheet 2018 IEBC (PDF)
19 - Demolition Application (PDF)
20 - Retaining Walls and Rockeries (PDF)
28a - Detention Facilities (PDF)
50 - Moving Permit Application (PDF)

Commercial, Mixed Use, and Multi-Family

2 - Commercial / Multi-Family Building Permit (PDF)
2a - Non-Residential Accessory Structure (PDF)
2b - Townhome or Detached Condo Bldg (PDF)
4 - Tenant Improvement (PDF)
7 - Portable Structures Submittal Checklist (PDF)
7a - Basic School Portables (PDF)
8 - Non-Residential / Multi-Family Plumbing & Mechanical (PDF)
56 - Espresso Stand Permit (PDF)
58 Commercial Storage Racks (PDF)
61a - Water Meter Sizing - Commercial / Multi-Family (PDF)
Non-Residential Sewer Use Certification Sewage Treatment Form (PDF)
Residential Sewer Use Certification Sewage Treatment Form (PDF)

Non-Residential Energy Form
2018 Nonresidential WA State Energy Code Compliance Forms Instructions (PDF)

Sign Permits

17 - Signs (PDF)
30 - Banner Sign Registration (PDF)
Downtown Sign Regulations (PDF)


3 - New Single Family Residence (PDF)
3a - Residential Deck / Porch (PDF)
3b - Single Family Addition/Remodel (PDF)
3b Fixture Counts -Single Family Mechanical and Plumbing Fixture List (PDF)
3c - Single Family Seismic Retrofit (PDF)
3f - Accessory Dwelling Unit (PDF)
6a - Residential Accessory Structures / Garage / Carport / Awnings (PDF)
9 - Residential Plumbing and Mechanical (PDF)
61b - Water Meter Sizing One or Two Dwelling Units (PDF)
Residential Sewer Use Certification Sewage Treatment Form (PDF)

Manufactured Home Demo and Replacement checklist (PDF)

Residential Energy Forms
2018 Alterations Remodel Worksheet (PDF)
2018 Heat Sizing Code (PDF)
2018 Glazing (Door/Window) Schedule (PDF)
2018 Prescriptive Worksheet Both Zones (PDF)

Manufactured Homes
5 - Manufactured Home Out of Manufactured Home Park (PDF)
6 - Manufactured Home In Manufactured Home Park (PDF)
49 - Title Elimination Inspection Request (PDF)

Basic Plans
CC - Registered Basic Plan Process (PDF)
3d - Registered Basic Plan Submittal (PDF)
3e - New Single Family from Basic (PDF)

Land Use

22 - Application for Appeal (PDF)
23 - Boundary Line Adjustment (PDF)
24 - Conditional Use (PDF)
25 - Critical Areas Alterations (PDF)
26 - Preliminary Plat and General Binding Site Plan (PDF)
27a - Final Short Plat (PDF)
27b - Final Plat (PDF)
28 - Plat Alteration (PDF)
29 - PUD Preliminary and Final (PDF)
31 - SEPA Checklist (PDF)
32 - Shoreline Substantial Development Exemption (PDF)
33 - Shoreline Substantial Development (PDF)
34 - Preliminary Short Plat (PDF)
35 - Zoning Variance (PDF)
52 - School Safe Walk Assessment (PDF)
53 - Reasonable Use (PDF)
57 - Land Clearing (PDF)
59 - Transitory Accommodations (PDF)
60 - Comp Plan and Development Regulations Amendment (PDF)
71 - Zoning Verification Letter Request (PDF)
Planned Action Determination Form (PDF)

Public Works

R - Benchmark Construction Inspections (PDF)
40 - Grading (PDF)
41 - Hydrant Use (PDF)
42 - Cross Connection Control Work Order (PDF)
43 - Utility Permit (PDF)
44 - Public Works Variance (PDF)
61c - Water Supply Reference Table (PDF)
Solid Waste Container Checklist (PDF)

Right of Way

T - Right of Way Permit Information (PDF)
46a - Outdoor Dining Public Area Use (PDF)
46b - Temp ROW Use for Storage or Pods (PDF)
47 - Right of Way Construction (PDF)
48a - Major Franchise Right of Way (PDF)
48b - Minor Franchise Right of Way (PDF)
Certificate of Liability Insurance Standards (PDF)


39 - Concurrency Application (PDF)
39a - Capacity Reservation Application (PDF)


Fire Fees (PDF)
Fire Alarm System Submittal Requirements (PDF)
Hazardous Materials Informational Sheet (PDF)
66a - Fire Sprinkler Permit (PDF)
66b - Fire Alarm Permit (PDF)
66c - Underground Fire Line Permit (PDF)
66d - Special Suppression or Detection Systems (PDF)
67 - Over the Counter Fire Sprinkler Permit (PDF)
68a - Fire Code Construction Permit (PDF)
68b - Tents and Carnival Permit (PDF)
68c - Food Truck Permit (PDF)
69 - Over The Counter Fire Alarm Transmitter Replacement (PDF)

Smoke Control

Smoke Control Submittal Requirements (PDF)
Conceptual Smoke Control Submittal - Appendix A (PDF)
Detailed Smoke Control Submittal - Appendix B (PDF)
Smoke Control System Revisions - Appendix C (PDF)
Shaft Pressurization Only Systems - Appendix D (PDF)
Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Smoke Control Systems - Appendix E (PDF)
66e - Smoke Control Systems Application Instructions (PDF)

Wireless Communication Facilities

37 - Wireless Communication Facilities Building (PDF)
38 - Wireless Communication Facilities (PDF)
38b - Small Cell Wireless (PDF)
38c - Wireless Eligible Facilities Request (PDF)