Development Costs

New Construction or Additions

For new commercial buildings, new single family residential homes, any additions, decks, and new accessory buildings, the permit cost is based on the square footage and type of construction of the project. You may download a fee quote form and email it to Permit Services at We will complete your fee quote and return it to you within one week of receiving the request.


For tenant improvements, single family remodels not adding square footage, signs, commercial re-roofs, portable structures, detention vaults, retaining walls and personal wireless buildings, the permit cost is based on the valuation of the project. Sign permits and retaining walls require a separate valuation for each. The cost of the project, including tax, determines the valuation.

Additional Fees

Additional fees may apply to your project. See forms below:

A - Building Fees (PDF)
C - Land Use and Planning Fees (PDF)
D - Development Review Billing Form (PDF)
E - Public Works Fees (PDF)
X - 2022 Impact Fees (PDF)
8 - Non-Residential / Multi-Family Plumbing & Mechanical (PDF)
9 - Residential Plumbing and Mechanical (PDF)

Bond Forms

Surety Bond - Performance (PDF)
Surety Bond - Maintenance (PDF)
Wetlands Surety Bond - Maintenance (PDF)
Cash Set Aside - Performance (PDF)
Cash Set Aside - Maintenance (PDF)
Assignment of Funds - Performance (PDF)
Assignment of Funds - Maintenance (PDF)