Stormwater Inspections and Maintenance

Annual InspectionsSurface Water Inspector

Each year we conduct routine inspections for both public and private stormwater systems within the Bothell's city limits. We inspect control structures, retention ponds, detention and drainage systems to be sure they meet standards and are in proper working order.

Business Inspections

If you have a business in Bothell's city limits, click here for information about business source control inspections.

Maintenance Standards

The City adopted its most current set of standards for maintaining stormwater systems in Bothell on January 1, 2022. View the current standards. The next update is planned for mid 2023.

Does your drainage system need maintenance?

See a list of private contractors that are licensed to do that kind of work in Bothell's city limits, and learn what you should do before hiring one. City of Bothell has no affiliation with the contractors and does not guarantee quality of service or otherwise endorse any of the contractors.


If you have questions about your stormwater system, first check here for answers. If you don't find your answer, please contact our surface water inspector.

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