SR 522 Stage 2

Western City Limits to Hall Road (Excluding Wayne Curve Improvements)

The SR 522 Stage 2 project is made of two sections of SR 522, which adjoin each end of the Stage 1 project.

  1. Stage 2A
  2. Stage 2B

Stage 2A

Stage 2A extends from the west city limit to the western limit of Stage 1 and consisted of the following key elements:
  • Business Access Transit lane west from Wayne Curve to the west City limit
  • Curb, gutters, and sidewalk
  • Storm drainage and water quality improvements
  • Landscaping and street lighting
  • Utility improvements and utility under grounding
  • Landscape medians and access management

Project Schedule

We obtained environmental clearance in November 2008.  Final design and right-of-way acquisition was scheduled for completion in spring 2012.  Construction began in late August 2012, and finished up in mid 2014.