HAM Radio Project

Bothell HAM Radio Team

Bothell Fire Department partners with a network of volunteer HAM radio operators throughout the community to provide essential communications in the event of a large-scale disaster. The City of Bothell is divided into 17 disaster zones. Our goal is to have every disaster zone assigned with one or more HAM radio operators to be our “eyes and ears” and report back to the City of Bothell Emergency Communications Center (ECC) with critical findings.

Get Involved

The Bothell area net meets every Thursday evening to practice emergency communications and procedures. The Bothell area net group also participates in an annual drill with the City of Bothell once a year to practice emergency communication procedures with City departments, such as, fire, police, and public works.

Bothell Area Net:
  • Thursday evenings
  • 7 p.m. roll call begins
  • 147.34 (with + offset and 100.0 tone)
  • Everyone welcome

Licensing Course Class

Bothell Fire Department often hosts a HAM Radio licensing course class throughout the year. Currently, we do not have any class dates scheduled. Please visit the AARL website to search for a class in your area.
Man performs a HAM Drill with radio.
Member of Bothell Fire Department performs HAM Drill with radio.