Fire Setter Interventions

If your child has played with or set a fire, they need education about fire safety.

If your child has shown an interest or curiosity about fire, they need education about fire safety. Fire Stoppers may be the answer.

If Your Child Has Misused Fire

Please don't think the behavior will "go away" or that he will "grow out of it." And please don't think that this issue can be effectively addressed simply by having your child talk to a firefighter or visit a fire station. Even if your child started a fire and feels badly about it, his chances of using fire again are high unless he receives individualized attention from a trained fire safety educator.

80% of children who start a fire, even unintentionally, may use fire again if they do not receive education from a fire safety educator.

Fire Stoppers Program

Bothell Fire Department offers a free, confidential education program for children who show curiosity about fire or have started a fire. The Fire Stoppers program engages children's interest and is informative for parents. The program involves an assessment of the child's fire use, age-appropriate activities individualized to help your child learn about being safe around fire, and information for parents on how to keep their whole family safe. For those children who would benefit from additional help, referrals are available for behavioral health services.