Adopt-A-Drain Program

What's the program about? Adopt a Drain

Adopt-A-Drain is a volunteer program that encourages residents to clear the storm drains near their home or work. To participate, volunteers adopt at least four storm drains and help keep them clear during the fall and winter to lessen the chance of flooding.

Bothell has nearly 8,000 storm drains to maintain. You can help by removing debris that would otherwise clog the drains or pollute our waterways. Sign up today! For more information contact our Surface Water Program Coordinator.

How to participate

  1. Complete the Volunteer with City of Bothell online form
  2. Read the safety guidelines for participating in the Adopt-A-Drain Program
  3. Complete an Individual Volunteer Service Agreement and email it to our Volunteer Coordinator
  4. Choose which storm drains you would like to adopt or request to be assigned to available drains
  5. Fill out a Volunteer Sign-In Sheet each time you clear debris from storm drains
  6. After you clear a storm drain, let us know how much time you spent and any special circumstances (recent windstorm, heavy rains, etc.)
  1. Christi Cox (she/her)

    Surface Water Program Coordinator

  2. 24/7 Spill Hotline

    Phone: 425-806-6750

    Please call us right away if you see a spill. We need to try to contain it before it reaches any storm drains or local streams.