Car Washing

Think twice before washing in your driveway

Vehicle wash water contains pollutants like oil, grease, heavy metals, solvents and soaps. When these harmful pollutants run off our driveways and roads, they go down the storm drain and travel to our local streams, lakes, and Puget Sound - untreated
Even biodegradable soap pollutes! 

Car going through a commercial wash

Commercial car wash (JPG)
Over 2,000,000 gallons of contaminated car wash runoff flows into our streams each year.

Use a commercial car wash

You can reduce pollution in our streams by using a commercial car wash.

Can't use a commercial car wash facility?

  • Wash on your lawn or graveled area so the soil can soak up the water and break down the pollutants
  • Try using a waterless car wash product
  • Save money by hand-washing your vehicle in a commercial car wash bay
  • Always divert the wash water away from the street and storm drains
Q: Are car washing fundraisers allowed in Bothell?
A: Click for the answer.

Need more encouragement to do the right thing?

Bothell Municipal Code 18.04.260 contains a long list of contaminants you're not allowed to dump in the storm drain. Not surprisingly, soap is one of them. Don't find yourself with a code violation.
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