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Is your dog's poop really worth $250?

Not picking up after your pet is against the law! Per Bothell Municipal Code 6.16.011 and 8.60.240, it's illegal to leave your pet waste on public or private property. Doing so could earn you a $250 fine per violation

For more information, visit our Animal Services page.

What's all the stink about poop?

It's a health risk 

Dog poop is more than just a squishy, smelly nuisance - it's a health risk to dogs and people, especially children. Dog poop is full of bacteria like Giardia and E. coli that can make people sick.

Rain makes it worse

When it rains, the dog poop is washed into our storm drains where it's carried to the nearest stream, making the water unsafe.

Would you want to swim or play in that water?

The dog is cute, but his poop sure isn't.

PSSH dog - I Poop (JPG)

What should you "doo" with your dog's poop?

Pet Waste - 6 Steps
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